Shamanic Healing and Energy Medicine

“Liberating ourselves from the energetic forces that keep us stuck in the past.”

  • Do you find yourself caught in negative and destructive patterns?
  • Would you like to uncover the source of these painful patterns and eliminate their power in your life?
  • Shamanic Healing and Energy Medicine can help you uncover and heal the wounds, beliefs, and unconscious judgments and contracts that hold you in these destructive places.

Shamanism and Energy Medicine

Shamanism is an ancient tradition that works in the invisible world of spirit and energy designed to heal the energetic aspects of problems and disturbances.

As a shamanic practitioner I can help you uncover what is hidden, what is bound and buried energetically within you that continue to play out in your life as painful and destructive patterns.

We work together to make is possible to identify and release what you have been unable to access because it has been too overwhelming, too painful or unacceptable and help you come into a more satisfying relationship with yourself and your environment.

Energy Medicine uses the energetic keys of shamanic healing to unlock the places in our lives where we are caught, setting ourselves free to discover a new life plan.

“Awaken to the wholeness that you are and to the life that is yours.”

The Luminous Energy Field

Energy Medicine asserts that we all possess a Luminous Energy Field (LEF) that surrounds our physical body and informs our body in the same way that the energy fields of a magnet organize iron filings on a piece of glass.

The Luminous Energy Field contains an archive of all of our personal and ancestral memories. These records or imprints are stored like computer programs that when activated act like a blueprint containing instructions that compel us toward behaviors, relationships, and other experiences that mirror our emotional, psychological and spiritual wounds. Imprints are formed when negative emotions that accompany traumatic and negative experiences are not healed. These imprints predispose us to re-create these painful and destructive patterns.

We can locate these energy imprints in the Luminous Energy Field making is possible to release them so that the body, mind and spirit can return to health, and we can stop repeating the negative and destructive patterns that continue to show up in our lives as compulsive behaviors, abusive relationships, depression, anxiety and destructive behaviors.

Energy Clearing and Illumination

Quantum physics asserts that at the most basic level everything is energy, both the physical plane of matter as well as the more abstract plane of our mind

The goal of Energy Clearing and Illumination is to heal painful and destructive patterns by addressing their causes in the Luminous Energy Field.

It is believed that The Illumination Process helps the client release the toxic energy around the negative and destructive emotional and behavioral imprints. This process is designed to bring healing at the source, at the blueprint level of our being, at the energetic level of a problem. When these imprints are erased, one can change negative emotions and behaviors.

This energy work addresses the energetic aspects of a distressing or negative life patterns, releasing blocks, realigning and clearing chakras* and energy fields and balancing the energy body to allow healing and change to occur.

(*Chakras are spinning energy centers in the LEF that receive and transmit subtle energies believed necessary for physical and emotional health.)

Energy Loss and Energy Restoration

Energy loss may occur whenever we suffer an emotional or physical trauma. A part of our essential self leaves in order to survive the experience, and we become cut off from parts of ourselves.

In psychology we call this disassociation in which a part of us retreats into the unconscious. In shamanism we understand that the energy leaves the body and goes to a territory that shamans call non-ordinary reality where it waits until someone intervenes in this realm and facilitates its return.

Energy Restoration or Energy Retrieval is designed to bring back these pieces that have split off, restoring that which has been lost so that our life force can flow once again allowing us to experience more of our wholeness.

Extractions and Energy Removal

Sometimes energy becomes solidified in our LEF. This energy may be imprints of fear, anger, sadness, grief, etc. that have penetrated our energy field. We may have been carrying this energy around for years, having taken it on at vulnerable times. This energy can be released by extraction or pulling it out.

Sheldon Shalley

Sheldon is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and psychotherapist trained to use dreams, mindfulness, hypnotherapy, shamanic healing and energy medicine to help people uncover what is hidden, what is bound and buried deep within that continues to play out in our lives as painful and destructive patterns.

His personal journey into his own dreams, mindfulness, hypnosis and shamanic healing and energy medicine has given him direct experience with healing the emotional, psychological, spiritual, and energetic sources of pain and suffering.

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